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Fit for Life




Experiencing your best physical health is 80% what you eat.  The other 20% is your physical activity. You CAN be active at any age.  And right in your own home!
Yes, you can begin an exercise program today from the comfort of your home. I offer a free assessment consultation and 30 minute in-home personal exercise sessions that are manageable for any fitness level AND get results! Contact me if you need more info or just schedule your session below! And if you want encouragement read my blog post Fit at any Age! 
Push Ups
Fitness Consultation

All first-time clients receive a FREE one hour initial assessment. Session includes a discussion of client's fitness history,  goals, and may include physical tests to assess client's current physical condition.


30 Minute 
Personal Training Session*

A one-on-one customized personal fitness training session in the comfort of your home that includes:

  • Brief Warm-up

  • Resistance Training

  • Core, Balance, and Reactive Training

  • Flexibility Training


Fitness Training Bookings
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