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Fit at Any Age!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

I plank several times a week to strengthen my core.

I'll be honest. Exercise took last place on my list of "wants" or "needs" for a very long time. Like most people I came up with excuse after excuse. Too tired. Too old. Too out of shape. I would embarrass myself in a gym setting. On and on the excuses went. One day my very-in-shape son dragged me to a gym and helped me get inside the door. The next thing I knew I was sitting at a desk with a personal trainer signing up for six months of weekly sessions.

From day one, I was hooked! I recognized that I could do this! It wasn't so hard. I didn't pass out on the floor. And I didn't embarrass myself. I noticed results in six weeks and just kept going. I grew more and more ambitious with my workouts - adding days, increasing weights, and lengthening my cardio sessions.

Alexandra Newman performs the single arm row
Weight bearing exercise is vitaly important as you age.

Fast forward to today and I have completed a personal trainer certification course and a specialization in senior fitness with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I run and strength train 4 days a week and compete in 5k races. In my last race I took 2nd place Masters (women over age 40) out of 226 women!

I honestly never dreamed I would write those previous three sentences. Now I desire to help other older adults like me to live healthier lives through physical fitness. If I did it, so can you. You can be fit at any age!

Ready to get started?

I highly recommend working with a trainer if you have not exercised for quite sometime or have never exercised. You can find trainers at your local gym. Ask for a free consultation session. If you can't afford a trainer there are many fitness videos available on Youtube, many of which can be done at home with dumbbells.


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