Sweet Potato Bowl

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

A fast lunch! Sweet potatoes are healthy, delicious and satisfying. You can make this easy meal the night before, wrap it up and reheat it in a microwave at your workplace.

Sweet Potato Bowl 1 medium sweet potato 2 cups mixed vegetables (frozen is fine) 1 cup sliced mushrooms (frozen is fine) 1/2 cup frozen corn 2-4 TBS pico di gallo (or salsa), or to taste Cut sweet potato into bite size chunks and cook (boil, steam, microwave, or roast). Heat mixed vegetables, mushrooms, corn in pan or in microwave. Place cooked potato in a bowl and top with heated vegetables and pico di gallo or salsa. Makes 1 serving.

Need a nice deep bowl for this meal? Check these bowls out.

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